Armourdale Historic Courtyard
Family Brick Order Form

Ordering Instructions:
Each brick can be imprinted with 3 lines of up to 15 characters each (including spaces).  PLEASE PRINT IN CAPITAL LETTERS the name or the message you would like on your special Armourdale brick.  Armourdale Renewal reserves the right to choose type size and arrange words to maintain the balance and improve legibility.  Please write a check to Armourdale Renewal Association, or ARA, and write (brick order) on the memo line.  Mail to ARA, PO Box 5272, KCK 66119.  Please sign the statement of verification in the left hand corner of this sheet.  See the attached letter for pricing information. All specialty logos will be priced separately by preferred order. Call Patty Dysart for more information at (913)371-5696, or Fax to (913) 621-2660.

Cost per brick:

(2) lines of Print: $40.00
(3) lines of Print: $50.00
This includes professional layout
If you wish more space for your message there is a double sized brick, 1-4 lines. $90.00
I do hereby verify: each letter I have entered above is correct and in the exact sequence desired for printing.  I will not hold Armourdale Renewal responsible for any errors on my part.  This is my final verification of the wording on my brick or bricks.

Phone:(           )_______________________________________
Can be NO more than 15 characters
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Brick Two
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Brick Three
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