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  • Parade Update
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Armourdale Parade July 15th, 2006

Theme is

"Armourdale's Proud History"

Armourdale Renewal has raised the business luncheon price to $10.

Seniors will receive discounts.

The Armourdale renewal Association announces new staff and office changes. Kim Hausback is the new interim executive director of the Armourdale Renewal Association.  Patty Dysart will remain on staff as business representative and grant writer in a part-time position until her official retirement in January of 2007.  Kim has been working in the ARA office since 2001 and assisting with the business luncheons since 1995.  She coordinated the 2001 parade and will be coordinating our July 15th, 2006 parade.  Kim is implementing a minor home-repair program, partnership with Cross-Lines.  The partnership is being developed now and is in the planning stages.  We will need the assistance of the community, especially the block captains.  The program will begin with identification of projects and those with the most urgent need.  We will only be able to address minor repairs at this time.  With Cross-Lines help we hope to build this into a regular home repair program similar to Christmas in October.  Kim worked in the Christmas in October program for several years.  We will have detailed information on the home repair program next month.  Kim can be reached at the same number (913)371-5696.  The new office e-mail address is  We will be building a web-site in the near future.  We will be expanding our organization activities this year.  We have three large projects that we need help with this year.  Those are the home-repair program, Dailey Park and the "Great Armourdale Christmas Cook Book".  This is the year for everyone who cares about Armourdale to get involved.  The senior citizens of this community have been carrying the load for the residents too long.  Call the office and offer your suggestions.

Senior Bingo: January 18th; February 1st, February 15th  all sessions are on Wednesdays from 10 AM- Noon.  March bingo dates are: March 1st and March 15th.  The next senior dance will be held on February 13th from 1-3 PM.  The March senior dance will be held March 20th.  There is no charge for either event and you are not required to be an Armourdale resident or a senior citizen in order to attend either event.  The bingo dates are always the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month.  The bingo is not held on the 3rd week of June (June 21st) or the first week of July (July 5th) due to the summer recreation program.  After the June 7th session, bingo will resume on July 19th 2006.  We do need prizes for our bingo sessions.  They play for prizes only around a $5 value.


Armourdale Renewal will hold the annual chili supper fundraiser & community meeting on January 19th at the Armourdale Recreation Center from 6-7 PM.  Chili (1 refill), choice of pie or cake and drink, coffee, tea or punch cost is $5.  Ala Carte prices are chili (1 refill) $3, pie or cake $2.50 and drink $1.  We will be giving our Christmas Lighting Awards to those homes designated by our Christmas Lighting Chairman, Dave Morales.  We will also have reports by our community police officer and code enforcement officer.  We are trying to reach Sam Peavler, Owner of the new photo store on Argentine Boulevard to give us information on all the new services he has to offer at his business.  This is an important fundraiser for our organization.  It helps us pay the operating expenses for the office and cover the food costs.  We are asking for donations of desserts, crackers, jalapeno peppers and grated cheese.  We will also be selling raffle tickets for $1.  We will have some nice door prizes from Armourdale Merchants.  We are urging the business community to attend our evening meetings.  This is an opportunity for the business community to meet our police and code officers and our block captains.  We do need more block captains.  Our senior citizens have been carrying this burden for many years.  We need the young families to step up to the plate.  You can be a block captain and a community helper by telephone if you are unable to attend meetings.  Just call our office to inquire.  We can put you on the mailing list and send you needed information.


Armourdale holds our '51 flood recovery parade every five years.  This year's parade will be on Saturday, July 15th.  We will start the day with a 5k run around Armourdale on the river dike.  We do need an experienced runner to coordinate this event.  We will also have a talent show with auditions held in June.  A little Miss and Mr Armourdale contest will be held for children 5-7. Our judges are: Don Denney, Dennis Boone, Sandra Olivas, Louis Ruiz and Micheal Mahoney.  A parade entry is included in this mailing.  Categories are named on the entry.  We are now attempting to raise money for trophies and money prizes for all categories and the talent show and kids contest.  If you are an Armourdale business and would be willing to contribute to these events, remember that your contribution is tax deductible.  We would like to offer money prizes for the 5k run, the talent show and 1st place in the best entry float.  Kim Hausback is coordinating the parade with chairpersons Susan Bouton and Art Eickhoff.  The parade committee meets the 2nd Thursday of each month at 10 AM at the Armourdale Recreation Center.  Booth spaces for food vendors is $30.


Thanks to the following businesses we are going into 2006 as a bigger and better organization.  Colgate/Palmolive; Procter & Gamble; PQ Corp, Reliable Concrete, Sturgis Materials, Armourdale Furniture, LA Hardware, Art's Mexican Products, Mexico Taquaria, Lapari Thriftway, Prime Investments, Bichelmeyer Meat Co, Quick's 7th St BBQ, Emco Midwest Tow, Kirberg Roofing, Ellerman Roofing, Liberty Fruit, Bowden Construction, Universal Equipment, Church of the Resurrection, Central States Thermo King, Greens Restaurant Equipment, Able Automotive, Sis's Cafe, Board of Public Utilities, Regional Prevention Center, Cross-Lines, Armourdale American Legion Post #188 & the Armourdale Optimist Club.  We welcome the Heart of America Volley Ball Association and Wolfe'es Cafe.  We will be mailing membership invoices this month.  If you would like to be a business member please contact us at: 913-371-5696.


The annual St. Partick's Business luncheon will be held on Friday March 10th from Noon-1:30 PM at the Armourdale Recreation Center, 730 Osage Avenue.  This is always the first quarterly business luncheon on the new year.  Mayer Joe Reardon will be our guest of honor.  JR Russell will be the guest speaker on Armourdale Irish History.  Father Jim Shea from Redemptorist and Father Michael Mullin from St. Patrick's Parish will give the invocations.  We are raising the price of our business luncheon dinners to $10 per person.  These dinners are fundraisers for the Armourdale renewal Association.  Food, paper goods, and the costs of the awards have used up most of our profits in the last year.  Senior Citizens will receive a discount.  We will always have a $100 door prize and many good prizes for our raffle.  Tickets for the luncheons can always be purchased in advance.  Just call our office at (9130371-5696 and we mail them to you.  We are asking the Armourdale merchants for door prizes.  Call the office if you are willing to give us a door prize and Kim will pick up the donation or certificate.  The menu will consist of corned beef & cabbage/potatoes, Bobby Eickhoff's smoked chickens, cold cut tray with smoked turkey, ham, salami & cheeses.  We will have many other great covered dishes and desserts.  Liberty Fruit is always very generous with their products for our buffet.  Please call the office if you would like more information or tickets.


Universal Equipment is the contractor for our courtyard project.  Bruce Yarbrough and Dan Schnieder are visiting businesses to give them information on the brick sizes and prices.  They will bring you detailed information and description of this project.  They will leave brick order forms with you and come back to get them when you have completed them or you can just mail them with a check to the ARA Office, 730 Osage, KCK 66105.  This project was designed to preserve Armourdale's history.  All those businesses who chose Armourdale to locate and earn their living need to preserve history of their companies.  Brick order forms are also available at the Armourdale Recreation Center and at LA Hardware.  Family history will also be preserved in this project.  The brick committee is visiting your business in order to give you time to be sure of the wording on your bricks.  These words will be going down to our descendants.  The sooner the forms are returned, the sooner we can break ground.  You will be able to buy bricks after the first installation, but we cannot be sure of the additional installation costs.  It would be good if we could have the majority of the forms in by the first week in April.


Rita Smith will be our guest speaker at our February 16th community meeting.  Rita will speak on the topic of genealogy.  We will serve refreshments.  The Armourdale Renewal Association is gratetful to all our paid members, the block captains and ladies who help in the kitchen.  Your help is crucial to the operation of our office.  We are grateful to Betty Green, Chris Boykin and Wilma Allen, who help with the senior bingo.  A big thanks to Carmen Oropeza for donating all those prizes.  Mary King-Kerns prepares snacks for the senior dance.  This is an enjoyable way to spend a Monday afternoon.  The dance schedule is included in the senior event calendar.  Thanks to all our faithful members, Marvin Green, Kate Morales, Bea Maldonado, Lila Turner, Oma Lou Ramirez, Dora Powell, Dave Morales, Bill & Rosie Clem, Don & Carolyn Smith and Lou Johnson.

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